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RDC series

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Item Unit RDC600
Die Locking Force KN 6000
Die Stroke mm 650
Die Thickness(Min-Max) mm 350-860
Die Dimension mm 1250×1250
Tie-bar inner Spacing(V×H) mm 780×780
Tie Bar Diameter mm 150
Injection Force KN 550
Plunger Stroke mm 600
Plunger Tip Diameter mm 70
Shot Weight(AL) Kg(AL) 4.4
Shot Weight(Mg) Kg(Mg) 2.9
Specific Pressure Mpa 143
Projecting Area c㎡ 1500
Injection Portposition mm 0,-250
Injection Stoke mm 250
Injection Stroke mm 165
Over Height of Flange mm 15
Ejection Force KN 315
Ejection Length mm 150
Hydraulic Pressure Mpa 14
Electric Motor Capacity KW 30
Volume of Oil L 1000
Machine Weiight ton 25
OverAllDimensions(L×W×H) m 7.5×1.7×2.8

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